As previously reported, the next artist to receive Kanye West's seven-track album treatment is Chance the Rapper. Now, in a new interview, Chance has revealed that West is heading to his hometown of Chicago to work on the project.

"Working under him, working with him on his albums is crazy, but having him tell me that he wants to produce my album and come to Chicago is like . . . This month, we're working in Chicago," Chance said during a Windy City Live interview Wednesday, as first spotted by HotNewHipHop

Speaking with Peter Rosenberg on Complex's Open Late last month, Chance first confirmed the seven-track plans. "I'm gonna do a seven track with Ye," he said at the time. "Kanye's my favorite rapper that I followed, you know, without knowing for a long time, and Donald Glover's the first rapper that ever was like, you know, 'Come on tour with me, I like your shit that no one's ever heard of . . . I want you to come out on the road with me.'" Progress on both projects, according to Chance's assessment at the time, is roughly 30 percent.

As for what we can expect Chance to explore lyrically on the West-produced Coloring Book follow-up, he told Windy City Live that the songs will come from a "very, very personal" space, at least partially inspired by the news coverage surrounding his recent engagement. "You won't get my angle of the story if you're reading it from articles and stuff," he said.

If West wants to continue his seven-track minimalism experiment with even more artists, I have a suggestion: Hit up Fall Out Boy. West's 2007 remix of his fellow Chicagoans' "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" is one of the most underappreciated moments in his catalog.