Juelz Santana Dubs Bringing Gun to Airport as the ‘Dumbest Thing’ He’s Ever Done

Both Jim Jones and Juelz Santana spoke with Jordan Rose at this weekend's ComplexCon event in Long Beach.


Jim Jones and Juelz Santana told us the dumbest thing they've ever done when we interviewed them at #complexcon #jimjones #juelzsantana

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Juelz Santana says the “dumbest thing” he’s ever done is bring a gun to the airport.

Santana was sentenced to 27 months in prison back in 2018 after previously being reported to have brought a loaded weapon through security at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Two years after the sentence, Santana made an appearance on Fat Joe's Instagram Live series during which he broke down his reasoning behind initially fleeing the airport. As Santana explained, he was not aware he had brought a weapon through security; instead, his reasoning for fleeing the scene was due to traffic-related warrant concerns.

At any rate, Santana pointed to this incident when asked by Complex's Jordan Rose to name the "dumbest thing" he's ever done.

“Take that gun in the airport,” Santana said when faced with the inquiry amid ComplexCon 2023 proceedings. “I didn’t do it on purpose, but you know, it happened. It definitely was a dumb mistake, man.”

Joining Santana in the interview was fellow Dipset member Jim Jones, who joked that having “started rapping” was his pick for the “dumbest thing” he’s ever done.

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