John Legend to Kanye West: 'So Many People Who Love You Feel So Betrayed Right Now'

Legend is keeping it 💯about West's MAGA era.

Kanye West said Thursday he will stand his ground, whatever the hell that means in the Trumpian context.

West, who's spent the week wearing supremely ass-ugly red hats and watching Jordan Peterson videos, decided to screenshot a text exchange with John Legend and tweet it out to the world Thursday. The chat begins with a loving message from Legend, who—like all of us—just wants West to get back to his legacy as the "greatest artist of our generation." Legend also brought up the intensifying wave of anger among West fans who feel "betrayed" because of his love for Trump. Somehow, West saw this as an attempt by Legend to "manipulate" his "free thought."


30 minutes later, West added that he shared the text to prove some kind of point about people having opinions or something idfk.

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The continuation of their text exchange, in which Legend urged West to realize the consequences of his words and actions, was also shared.

As expected, West didn't stop there. He also seemingly expressed surprise at the fact that literally no one associates "empathy" with the MAGA cult of which West is now an apparent member.

Let's all just escape to that new John Legend single now.

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