This week has been a super fucked-up one for dedicated Kanye West fans, my existentially hollowed self included. Not that you need or even want a reminder, but this is a thing that actually happened Wednesday:

Despite what Chance the Rapper and others have suggested, the anger many West fans have been expressing all week has nothing to do with a trite Democrats vs. Republicans debate and everything to do with the unique brand of hate-courting at the center of Trump's rise to power.

It's hard to believe this is the same once-inspiring artist who bravely called out George W. Bush—live on the air with a shocked Mike Myers by his side—for his administration's incorrigible response to Hurricane Katrina.

Following Wednesday's extended marathon of West-related disappointments, Frank Ocean hit his Tumblr page to post a simple but effective screenshot from the classic 2005 moment above. Though Ocean didn't add a caption, the sentiment is clear.

kanye and mike
Image via Tumblr

Naturally, images and quotes from that day have been widely circulated and/or repurposed by fellow artists and fans alike amid West's public displays of Trump fandom.

Anyway, what will happen next in our present-day hellscape? Stay tuned. Or don't. I'm not sure if anything even really matters anymore.