Joe Budden Apologizes to YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Who Says Beef Was All for 'Entertainment' (UPDATE)

At one point in the headlines-making exchange, Budden asserted that he was "way bigger than" NBA YoungBoy.

joe budden and nba youngboy are pictured
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joe budden and nba youngboy are pictured

UPDATED 12/6, 10:30 p.m. ET: It appears we’re one step closer to seeing these two chop it up. In a new post filmed on horseback in the snow, YoungBoy said he’s got love for Budden and explained that their back-and-forth was always going to lead to an interview. 

“Joe Budden, I love you bruh. They ain’t understand our plot twist. It was strictly for to do a interview after that. Tell ’em don't take us too serious, everything entertainment, man,” YoungBoy said with a smile.

Come for YoungBoy's latest response, stay for the visuals of him and his family living their best life at Grave Digger Mountain—which Complex’s Joe La Puma recently visited for an interview with unprecedented access to the hitmaker:

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Joe Budden has offered an apology to YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

As you'll recall, the two have been in and out of headlines in recent weeks, starting with Budden calling NBA YoungBoy "trash" and "horrible." YoungBoy later responded, followed by more from Budden, this time with an emphasis on first-week numbers.

Around 27 minutes into Episode 681 of Budden’s podcast, titled “Vanity King,” an apology was issued after the host joked about having been “in the news a lot these last few weeks.” According to Budden, he should have found a “much better way to articulate” his original thoughts.

“I owe NBA an apology too,” he said. “Let’s start with accountability. I owe him an apology. He don’t even bother nobody.”

Later, Budden said he “didn’t feel good about” seeing “all of the biggest blogs put this up.” Listen to the full thing here.

At one point in Budden and YoungBoy's back-and-forth, the latter proposed a sit-down interview at his home in Utah. With Budden's apology now making the rounds, could fans expect to see such a thing in the future? Hard to say, but if a Budden and YoungBoy one-on-one does come to pass, it'll pair nicely with this.

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