Here's How Much Travis Scott Reportedly Made From His McDonald's, PlayStation, and Nike Deals

The post-'Astroworld' era has seen Travis Scott further cementing himself as the go-to for brands aiming for either a reboot or an expansion, with wild results.


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Even without the release of a new full-length album, 2020 has been a landmark year for Travis Scott.

With the globally ubiquitous Astroworld now a full two years in the rearview, Scott—whose musical output this year has included a collab single with Kid Cudi and a Tenet soundtrack cut—has seen his proven powers as an invaluable brand booster hit truly astronomical new levels.

Here's how hip-hop superstar Travis Scott has become corporate America’s brand whisperer: by @abebrown716 #ForbesUnder30

— Forbes (@Forbes) November 30, 2020

Thus, it's no surprise to see La Flame being made the subject of an extended feature as part of Forbes' 30 Under 30 coverage. Tucked into the piece from Abram Brown are a number of estimates regarding how much Scott has made (and/or will continue to make) from his covetable deals with PlayStation, Fortnite, McDonald's, and Nike—all of which have reportedly positioned him to bring in more than $100 million this year.

For the PlayStation deal, which the Sony console team previously touted as a strategic creative partnership, Scott is said by Forbes to have earned "at least" $1 million already. Additionally, a source told the publication that the agreement is a multiyear deal that could eventually lead to a co-branded console "and perhaps even a game designed by Scott." Total expected earnings, per the publication, are in the $20 million or more range.

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As for the McDonald's deal, which we already knew resulted in an impressive leap in same-store sales stats, Scott is said to have bagged at least $5 million from the endorsement aspect of the deal. He's also estimated to have bagged another $15 million from merch sales. 

Nike, meanwhile, "probably" earns Scott $10 million a year "or so." However, the added value the partnership brings Scott in terms of helping cement him as a go-to for brands looking to properly level up is, in a sense, unquantifiable.

The full Forbes piece also includes a tease of a forthcoming Cacti hard seltzer, a dash of Utopia hype-building, and a look back at the original Rodeo release strategy. Peep it here

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