Fans React to Claim That Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs Got Into Fight at Miami Restaurant

The claims have been making the rounds since Tuesday night and have not been verified. Gibbs, however, shared a short clip to IG on Wednesday.

Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs are shown

Images via Johnny Nunez/WireImage and Tim Mosenfelder/FilmMagic

Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs are shown

The reactions machine kicked into overdrive on Wednesday thanks to the proliferation of as-yet-unverified claims surrounding Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs.

VladTV ran a short piece on Tuesday night alleging that a “fight” broke out between Jones’ and Gibbs’ respective crews at the Prime 112 restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida

Per alleged witnesses, the purported incident is claimed to have begun with the Dipset member approaching Gibbs about some previous comments. During the argument that allegedly ensued, a person with Jones is claimed to have struck Gibbs, at which point—supposedly—the reported fight escalated.

Around the same time as that report, @mr.bz___ shared footage of a steak dinner in progress, as well as a post in which he mentioned Gibbs. “Just seen Freddie Gibbs get whooped at prime 112 but imma mind my business,” one Instagram Stories update read.


At the time of this writing, these claims remained exactly that, just claims. But that hasn’t stopped fans of both artists from responding to the alleged incident—claims about which have since spread via Akademiks and elsewhere—by sharing some jokes on Twitter.

Neither artist has publicly addressed any of this. Gibbs, however, did share a short clip to his @cantbantherabbit Instagram. The Alfredo artist doesn’t currently have an official account and has famously had issues with the platform.

“Come on, baby,” Gibbs, who didn’t specifically address the Jones-centered claims, said in the clip. “It’s me, the rabbit.” 

Complex reached out to a rep for Jim Jones about the alleged altercation, and received this reply: “‘We Set the Trends’ is streaming over a million on both YouTube and Spotify.” A rep for Freddie Gibbs did not immediately respond for this story.

On Wednesday it was announced Gibbs will head out on a 2022 headlining tour in North America with Zack Fox, MIKE, and Redveil playing support on various dates. The tour launches in San Francisco on April 14 and continues for 22 shows through June 3 in Vancouver. Tickets are on sale starting Dec. 17.

freddie gibbs tour flyer with dates

See what people had to say about the rumored Gibbs/Jones altercation below.

All Freddie Gibbs had to do is this

— 🇩🇴🇩🇴 (@Venti_Ocho) December 15, 2021

Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs after the fight

— Stop touchin niggas witcha HANDS ➐ (@__lancealot) December 15, 2021

everybody in the jim jones/freddie gibbs fight nursing aching joints this morning

— POC (turkish) (@faketitojohnsON) December 15, 2021

All jokes aside I think that Freddie Gibbs vs Jim Jones situation is cap cause where’s the footage

— They Want Me Dead Like Pac (@KingMosesDaGod) December 15, 2021

i spent an entire summer working out at the same gym as jim jones to the point where i became friendly with him and his crew. really nice guys but they could also lift a ridiculous amount of weight. idk why im sharing this story other than to say i hope freddie gibbs is ok

— sean yoo (@SeanYoo) December 15, 2021

Freddie Gibbs was eating medium rare steak and all he saw was baggy jeans with NBA patches right after I’m sick.

— Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBizTheGod 🇸🇴 (@big_business_) December 15, 2021

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