Drake's "Nonstop" Gets New Life Thanks to TikTok #FlipChallenge

It all starts with flipping the proverbial switch.


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Drake's "Nonstop," of course, is not a new song. The Scorpion cut served as the sixth single from the 6 god's 2018 double album and received a still-rewatchable video from director Theo Skudra. It later inspired a meme in which participants flipped the switch to the sound of Drake's first verse declaration about him having done the same.

Now, with all signs increasingly pointing to the release of a new Drake album in 2020, the meme has been revived across TikTok and beyond. Once again, the general set-up here is to reveal something markedly different about oneself and/or the filmed environment once the (light) switch is flipped back.

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Per the reliably studious KnowYourMeme page, the earliest appearances of this challenge in some form date back to Nov. 30, when TikTok user @erinfiner used "Nonstop" in a clip. Compilation videos on YouTube ensued, and here we are in 2020, with a full-blown breakout. The current variation on the theme largely focuses on two people trading clothes during the "switch" bit.

Below, enjoy select examples of the I Just Flipped a Switch meme (also known as the #FlipChallenge):

Meanwhile, Drake's zeitgeist-shaking pop opus "Summer Games" somehow remains memeless.

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