Desiigner and GoldLink Join Diplo and Mark Ronson on New Silk City Track "Loud"

Silk City, a new project featuring Diplo and Mark Ronson, is back with a new one featuring Desiigner and GoldLink. As the duo explained to Zane Lowe Thursday, the track actually originates from the very first demo they made together.

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"Loud," the latest entry from Diplo and Mark Ronson's new Silk City project, was selected as Zane Lowe's World Record Thursday. As the duo explained to Lowe, the track—featuring Desiigner and GoldLink—actually began as the very first demo they made together.

"It was an old beat that I was working on and it was actually a hip-hop beat," Diplo said. "I recorded Desiigner on it, like, really a scratch demo, like, almost a year ago. Then I messed with it a little bit and I sent it to Mark when we had this idea of working together and it's actually the first idea we had together."

At the time, Diplo added, the concept for Silk City hadn't been fully formed yet. "We actually ended up doing so many other records after this," he said. "But this is sort of the first kind of direction we went and then we sort of went another direction." 

Speaking on the vibe they hope to capture with Silk City as a whole, Ronson characterized the sounds as tailor-made for house parties and BBQs. "We're not looking for any, like, pop record or giant, like, bangers," he said. "Just feel-good records and this feels like the right one."

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