Charli XCX Takes 'Tonight Show' Back to "1999" With Troye Sivan

The greatest living pop artist brings her most recent one-off single to one of the late night Jimmys' shows.

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Fittingly, Charli XCX brought out the lasers for the Tonight Show performance of her Troye Sivan collab "1999."

The Oscar Holter-produced song, which expertly strikes a hook-filled balance between pop futurism and '90s callbacks, is the latest one-off single Charli has gifted the universe since dropping two back-to-back full-length projects in 2017 (the excellent Pop 2 and the equally excellent Number 1 Angel, respectively).

On Monday's Tonight Show, Sivan also joined one of the late night Jimmys on the couch for a quick discussion on the track's official video:

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Charli co-directed the video with Ryan Staake, whose previous credits include videos for Young Thug and Clams Casino.

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As for her planned release strategy moving forward, Charli makes it clear she's now dropping new music—be it tapes, one-offs, or traditional albums—on her own terms.

"I think that’s what's been really nice for me over the past two years: I've learned that commercial success doesn't give you happiness," she told Billboard last month. "[Having released] Pop 2 and Number 1 Angel, which weren't commercially successful projects, I just feel so much more connected to my fanbase and so happy about going on stage and performing those songs."

If you're some kind of prudish idiot and have been denying yourself the unabashed fuck yeahness of those aforementioned 2017 full-lengths, allow me to introduce you to the Pop 2 cut I most often include in Charli articles: the undeniable "I Got It" featuring Brooke Candy, CupcakKe, and Pabllo Vittar. 

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