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Almost exactly one year to the day since the release of confirmed classic "Boys," Charli XCX has chronicled a "Girls Night Out" in her new Sophie and Stargate-produced track.

The latest XCX cut, as noted by the good scholars at, has actually been floating around in unofficial capacities for quite some time now. Still, only some kind of dolt would complain about a reliably great new XCX track. Up top, stream "Girls Night Out" via YouTube and/or grab it on Apple Music below:

In a Rolling Stone chat published under the profoundly accurate title "Charli XCX Is Having More Fun Than You This Summer," XCX was asked about her prolific 2017—which saw the release of Number 1 Angel and Pop 2—and how her approach to full-length projects has evolved.

"My intent at the moment is that I just want to be releasing as much music as possible, whether that's collaborations or my own songs," she told writer Brittany Spanos. "I think that just because it's called a mixtape doesn't mean it's less valid. Over the past year and a half, I've realized how much I love being in the studio and how much I love collaborating and how much of a good curator I am." The final form of these curations, she added, doesn't really matter.

If your Friday is off to an understandably sluggish start, do what I do when I'm feeling low: Spin XCX's Pop 2 cut "I Got It"—featuring Brooke Candy, CupcakKe and Pabllo Vittar—until your nostrils start burning.