Cardi B Addresses Criticism Over Mid-Pandemic Thanksgiving Gathering

The CDC cautioned against large gatherings and travel for Thanksgiving. Cardi B and Offset, however, drew criticism after having a mid-pandemic get-together.


Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage


Cardi B has addressed the criticism surrounding her over-the-weekend tweet about gathering for the holidays.

On Sunday afternoon, Cardi briefly remarked to fans via a tweet about seeing "12 kids and 25 adults over the holidays." Offset, meanwhile, shared a video. Due to the ongoing pandemic, not to mention the CDC's widely cited guidance against large holiday gatherings and extensive travel, some were quick to take issue with the message and footage.

Shortly after the original tweet, Cardi responded to the criticism, stating it wasn't her intention to make anyone "feel bad." Per Cardi, she had her family in her home "for the first time" after spending "so much money" ensuring everyone was tested prior to the visit. In a subsequent tweet, Cardi said that she and everyone who works around her are tested "literally four times a week."

For the general public, of course, the best course of action for the foreseeable future is to follow all social distancing guidelines and keep rocking a mask. And while the holiday season may prove tempting for some with regards to holding or attending social distancing-unfriendly gatherings, it's best to keep an optimistic eye toward 2021 while avoiding such crowds whenever possible.

As Fauci said over the weekend, the coming weeks will almost certainly feature the continuation of alarming spikes in COVID-19 case numbers.

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