Bow Wow on Social Media Backlash: 'When I Go Outside I Don't See It, I Don't Feel It'

Bow Wow also compared the internet to the Matrix.

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Fresh off the surfacing of a clip alleging to show him taking a punch, Bow Wow stopped by the Cruz Show on Power 106 Wednesday morning. Though Bow Wow did not address the clip during the 33-minute chat, he did go deep on his close friendship with Snoop Dogg and why he feels the internet is not unlike the simulated reality at the heart of the 1999 Keanu classic The Matrix.

"It's a lot I learned from Dogg," Bow Wow said around the one-minute mark. "Snoop is the one person that gives me, like, the best advice as far, not necessarily career advice he has, but he's good at lifely advice. Like, I got one of the dopest group chats in the world. It's me, Snoop, and Wiz. And, you know, it's just all about life. Dogg is full of love and he's always there. For instance, if he sees me going off the cliff, I already know what time it is. He's gonna get on me about it. Hes gonna check in with me. If I'm feeling some type of way, if it's a girl problem I'm dealing with, I don't talk to [Jermaine Dupri] about it. I don't talk to nobody. I'll go right to Dogg and talk to him about it."


Deeper into the interview, Bow Wow—whose new single "Yeaahh" dropped last month—gave his view on social media backlash and the internet at large. "That stuff don't really get to me because when I go outside I don't see it, I don't feel it," he explained around the 26-minute mark. "I really feel like the internet is the Matrix. We sit in the chair and connect our brains real quick and we dab into it. People can be rich online, knowing you're not, and you unplug it and now it's reality. It's like, you don't really see none of this stuff manifest in real life."

Bow Wow also discussed Lonzo Ball, turning 31, and colonics. Check the full interview up top.

In a separate interview with Rap-Up published the same day, Bow Wow dispelled any notion that he's in the middle of a feud with Chris Brown, despite many fans interpreting the lyrics of "Drunk Off Ciroc/Emotional" as suggesting otherwise:

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