Shad Moss, a.k.a. Bow Wow, has a new song out titled "Yeaahh." As a result, he's out and about having filmed discussions with people to discuss his eventful 2017 and what he hopes to accomplish with his new full-length project.

"I just locked in," Bow Wow told the Hot 97 team when asked about why he spent a couple months out of the spotlight after such a headline-snatching year. "I remember, I went to LA and it was me and Puff, I was at Puff's house. No bullshit." While there, Bow said, Diddy pulled him aside to tell him the following:

"Look at me, bro. You a fucking legend, bro. Cut the bullshit out."

"I never really gave a fuck about what people said about me," Bow Wow added. "I've never really been that type of person because I know who I am, but I knew at that moment, OK, you got everybody's attention. Everybody talking shit. There's only a few ways you can turn this shit around. Get to work, get to work. if everybody on you, everybody calling, everybody joking, you got the light on you, turn it around."


As for what to expect with his new project, Bow Wow promised excellence. "They gon' be fucked up," he said when asked if he's been working on bars. "On everything. Because, like, it's just me. It's raw. Ain't nobody talking like this." Bow Wow is collaborating with Pimpin' (Dem Franchize Boyz) on the project and is planning to keep it at a fairly lean 13-track length.

Catch the full 18-minute interview, during which Bow Wow reveals he recently turned down a play, up top.