Back in late February, Bow Wow took a break from taking L's to add one of the most impressive wins of his entire career to his résumé. He beat Lonzo Ball in a shooting contest following a Lakers/Hawks game in Atlanta.

While Lonzo was quick to point out that Bow Wow only beat him in one round and didn’t actually win the whole contest, that didn’t seem to matter to Bow Wow at all. He continued to brag about his accomplishment in the days that followed.

It’s been about two weeks now since Bow Wow and Ball went to war on the court, but just in case you were wondering, Bow Wow is still basking in his glory and celebrating the fact that he kept up with an NBA player for a single round of a shooting contest.

TMZ Sports caught up with Bow Wow on Monday night, and he was more than happy to talk about getting the best of Big Baller Brand’s lead endorser. Bow Wow was asked if he thought Lonzo "let him win"—and Bow Wow was quick to point out the flaw in that logic and to explain why he was so proud of what he did.

"Did Lonzo Ball let me win? Let me explain," Bow Wow said. "Lonzo Ball came to Atlanta, they was playing the Atlanta Hawks...They blew us out, and we got the word that Lonzo and the Lakers was in the club. I said, 'Yo, bring them to the studio.' They came. Lonzo won two games. I won one. But it’s a fact that I don’t train, I smoke weed, and I make music and I act. I don’t got no time to be training. So the fact that I beat him one time means a lot."

Bow Wow also told TMZ Sports he would be open to having a rematch with Lonzo whenever he wants to play.

On the one hand, Bow Wow should probably STFU and stop talking about beating Lonzo before the Lakers rookie comes back, takes the rematch seriously, and wipes the floor with him. But on the other, it’s not hard to see why he keeps talking about this. If you beat an NBA player in, well, anything, wouldn’t you brag about it for weeks on end?

Lonzo hasn’t responded to Bow Wow’s latest boasts, but you can bet he’s probably going to end up making another stop at Bow Wow’s court the next time he’s in Atlanta. Check out the clip above to hear Bow Wow talk more about his moment of glory.