Big Boi Says He Has the 'Greatest' OutKast Documentary 'Locked in the Vault'

In a recent interview surrounding the release of his and Sleepy Brown's 'Big Sleepover' album, Big Boi revealed he's got an edit of an expansive OutKast doc.

Big Boi is seen wearing an ATLiens hat.

Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage

Big Boi is seen wearing an ATLiens hat.

Currently “locked in the vault” is the “greatest” OutKast documentary, per Big Boi.

During a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Big Boi and Sleepy Brown—whose joint album The Big Sleepover arrived Friday—were asked if they ever allow themselves the “space to reflect” on their respective achievements.

“Oh absolutely, man,” Big Boi said. “I just so happen to be in possession of the last OutKast tours from 1998 to 2000-whatever. Like, hours and hours and hours. We had to watch [and] digitize the footage for, like, a month and a half. We had to sit through there and watch it. I got the greatest OutKast documentary, never sold. Locked in the vault.”

As for whether this project will ever get a formal release, it sound as though that will indeed happen, just not anytime soon.

“I told [André 3000] I got it. … I just told him how dope it was and so we’re gonna hold it for a minute,” he explained. “But it’s outta here, man. It’s outta here.” According to the Phantogram collaborator, fans can expect a thorough presentation, including highlights like footage of the Atlanta duo freestyling in hotels (with 3 Stacks on the piano) while out on the road.

While there’s currently an edit of the footage, Big Boi suggested the best path forward could be to break the feature down into a series format. See more from Big via the clip above and/or catch the full experience here with Apple Music.

It’s easy to imagine a multi-part OutKast docuseries doing well on a major streamer, not unlike the definitive Get Back did for the Beatles and the upcoming Jeen-Yuhs is set to do for Kanye West. Here’s to hoping “the greatest OutKast documentary” arrives sooner rather than later.

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