Beyoncé Dressed as Storm From 'X-Men' at Ciara's Superhero-Themed Birthday Party

Your costume will never look as good as this.

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The time of year when everyone dresses as their best possible selves is firmly upon us, meaning previous legendary costume moments like Rihannadressing asweed and Kanye WestembodyingBatman are currently very much in risk of being outdone. Though Halloween actually had very little to do with it, Beyoncé's take on the X-Men​'s weather manipulator known as Storm is certainly one for the history books, a history currently being written and rewritten on Twitter:

Bey's take on Storm was an obvious highlight of Ciara's superhero-themed 30th birthday throwdown on the Warner Bros. lot on Saturday, with Ciara and Russell Wilson giving their best effort as Catwoman and Batman. The pair also pulled up quite appropriately in the Batmobile, according to TMZ:

Of course, all this really does is bring to mind the previously reported rumor that Beyoncé was apparently close to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is definitely something the world wouldn't mind becoming truth.

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