Beyoncé is BEAT magazine's latest cover star and gave the site (what seems like) a six question email interview, which they're calling her "first print interview since 2013." As you'll recall, The New York Times revealed that Vogue had zero face time with Beyoncé, who covered the magazine’s September issue. We already told you she doesn't owe fans anything but music. However, she did reveal to BEAT the last song she couldn't get out of her head—and like the rest of us, it's Fetty Wap's "Jugg." We knew her and Jay were fans of the Paterson native after they got down to "Trap Queen" at last year's Roc City Classic show in NYC.

We're looking forward to her dancing to "Jugg" in an upcoming Instagram post but for now, relish in the idea of Bey singing this nonstop. As for which Beyoncé-era look she'd dress up as for Halloween? "Destiny’s Child Survivor era with the army fatigues" she told BEAT. "Or maybe Bootylicious with the gold tooth and pink tips in my hair."  Check out more photos and the rest of her answers here