Premiere: Ahead Of New EP, NY-Based Singer midnight Shares "Archon"

The 'Nocturne' EP arrives tomorrow via Majestic Casual.




Likely to have popped up in playlists and mixes over the past year, there's still much more to uncover about NY-based vocalist midnight. New EP Nocturne, should help to colour in the lines, centred around three tracks tying together "a sense of danger", echoing the immediate atmosphere of the world today. Over glitchy lo-fi production, it's somewhere between video game bonus level and sci-fi end credits, crafted by frequent collaborator ylxr, providing terrain for midnights dreamy vocal to filter through. 

"With this tune and the Nocturne project as a whole, it was important to take a single passionate emotion and saturate it as much as possible within 3 minutes. No filler, just full on rage ('Pressure Gradient'), seduction ('Promethium'), and confidence ('Archon')."

With word of another project with ylxr soon to follow, Nocturne EP arrives tomorrow via Majestic Casual. Until then, dive into "Archon" below

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