It looks like Harry Styles’ upcoming visit to New Zealand will involve more than just a concert.

The UK singer will be legally required to participate in the country’s census on March 7—the same day of his show, NME reports. The 29-year-old will be performing in Auckland, which is his only New Zealand concert for his Love on Tour global run. A spokesperson from the government’s census team confirmed to the Guardian that Styles will be required to provide his information.

Apparently, even foreigners who travel into the country and are present on the day of the census must be included. People who don’t participate or supply the wrong data could be fined $2,000 NZ ($1,200 USD). New Zealand’s census occurs every five years.

The country’s census Twitter account also confirmed the news, responding to a user who asked if Styles will have to participate. “Everyone who is in Aotearoa New Zealand on census night (Tuesday 7 March), needs to be counted in the census. This includes tourists, visitors, and former members of One Direction,” the census account wrote, alongside an image of the singer.

Styles will have to answer questions about his household members, his smoking habits, and his income.