Jon Vinyl Taps Avry on New Single “Favours”

Toronto R&B musician Jon Vinyl has tapped Avry on lovelorn and melancholic new single "Favours." It's the first collaboration of Vinyl's career.

R&B artist Jon Vinyl

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R&B artist Jon Vinyl

Jon Vinyl has just dropped the first collab of his career. On “Favours,” he calls on Avry to help tell the story of a relationship thats light is burning out. Staying true to Vinyl’s usual vulnerability, the track uses plucked guitar strings and vocal harmonies to juxtapose the optimism of Avry’s lyricism. 

“I’m extremely excited to be dropping “Favours,” as the first collaboration in my repertoire,” says Vinyl about the release. “Working with Avry has been an incredible experience and we’re really happy to have developed a song that truly combines our talents sonically and lyrically. We feel the record echoes the aching familiarity when one realizes that their efforts are not being reciprocated, but they also find it too difficult to move on. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did making it.”

Vinyl is no stranger to writing about heartbreak. In an interview with Complex Canada, he gave some advice for anyone who’s going through it. 

“I would say like the clouds, the rain always comes. But eventually the sun comes back out. I feel like it’s just how it goes in life. So you know, there’s going to be bad days of course, that’s just the learning curve,” he said. “That’s when you’re doing the most learning and figuring yourself out. But at some point, everything’s going to be okay and you’re going to realize that you needed to go through that for you to progress and just be better for the next time. So yeah, I think just don’t dwell on it too much. And you know, just take it for what it is and really learn about yourself in those moments, and the other person.

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Stream “Favours” below:


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