Lil Wayne Talks With Drake About Night He Played “Lollipop” for Kobe Bryant and Drake

Drake appeared on Lil Wayne's second episode of Young Money Radio Friday night—and the pair touched on the time Weezy played "Lollipop" for Drizzy and Kobe.

Drake appeared on Lil Wayne's second episode of Young Money Radioon Apple Music Friday night—and the pair touched on the time Weezy played his 2008 single "Lollipop" for Drizzy and the late Kobe Bryant.

"On the song 'From Florida With Love,' you reminded me of the time that I played 'Lollipop' on the tour bus for you and the late, great Kobe Bryant," Lil Wayne told Drake during the episode. "Rest in peace to the Black Mamba."

Drake went on to talk about what was going through his mind as a young rapper, sitting on Lil Wayne's tour bus and watching the legendary rapper get a tattoo.

"I'm already just floored that I'm sitting here talking to Lil Wayne as he's like bleeding out, getting this angel wing (tattoo) on his side and then next thing I know Kobe Bryant walks on the bus, and he came to pick up an iPod," Drake explained. "Because, at the time, that's how we gave the athletes music, on iPods."

The OVO artist said it "hurts" that he won't be able to talk with Wayne and Kobe about that time on the tour bus.

"It was something I just wanted to write about. Especially now," Drake said. "It hurts me that we'll all never get to reminisce about that moment. But rest in peace to Kobe and Gigi, of course."

"From Florida With Love" was one of the more popular tracks from Drake's newly released Dark Lane Demo Tapes, produced by MexikoDro. "Weezy played that shit for me and Kobe on the bus," Drake rapped. "Went and got a chain for me, I had to give it up."

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Drake also mentioned this moment during a 2019 interview with Rap Radar (at the 18:50 mark).

Lil Wayne has always been a huge fan of Kobe Bryant. The rapper talked about the Los Angeles Laker great's tenacity during a March interview for MTV’s music series Fresh Out Live.

“As a kid, being a fan, watching him on TV, and going to a game and just not knowing him at all—and just being a super fan and knowing, ‘Wow he’s really that person off the court in every situation in life,’" Weezy explained. "He really has that mentality, just relentless in everything and he strives to be the best in everything. It’s impossible to have a conversation with him and walk away from that conversation not trying to be better at something."

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