Usher Filmed Himself Getting an Interestingly Placed Tattoo Set to “God’s Plan”

Usher is apparently entering a new era with some new ink.


Image via Getty/Stephen J. Cohen


Usher recently shared photos and footage of himself getting tattooed by celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo. The R&B artist is entering what he calls a "new era," and with it, he's decided to get an intricately designed tattoo. Doctor Woo noted that the tattoo, which is placed under Usher's chin and creeps down onto his neck, was in a "tough spot" but was still fun to do.

Usher's video features different clips from the session edited together with filters and set to Drake's latest hit "God's Plan." The clips show Usher and Woo mapping out the placement, looking at designs, and finally getting down to business to create some fresh ink. 

The 39-year-old singer also shared a close-up shot of the design, which contains a triangular configuration of lotus flower elements, an eye, and various other intricate shapes and details. There's been no explanation from Usher as of yet about whether the design is symbolic of anything specific, but conspiracy theorists are probably already running wild with the triangles and eyeball imagery. 

Could this mean a new era of music for the mastermind behind such classics as "Yeah!," "Love in This Club," and "You Make Me Wanna"? While haters are flaming him for getting a "neck beard" tattoo, the real crime here is that despite the amount of effort that went into editing this video, it was still filmed vertically instead of horizontally.

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