SZA’s 2018 Resolution Is to Finish Album No. 2 and ‘Not Drag It Out’

SZA also reveals what it was like working with Solange and Kendrick Lamar on new videos.

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SZA recently sat down with MTV News for a brief reflection on her whirlwind of a year.  The five-time Grammy-nominated artist and breakthrough star discussed what it was like working with fellow black excellence royalty Solange and Kendrick Lamar on the visuals to two of her most popular songs. "I think she really sees the world differently than I do," she said of Solo's creative influence on the upcoming music video for "The Weekend." "Her expression of shapes, and the use of color, and her feeling of negative space, it’s very abstract. I’m a very whimsical person, but just in a different way. Her whimsy is so refined and very mysterious."

SZA also mentioned that the video will be released, "any day now," and she actually means it. Still beaming with the glow of discussing her collaboration with Ms. Knowles, SZA made a sly mention of what we can (maybe) expect from the Nabil-directed visual accompaniment to "Doves in the Wind": "Me and Kung Fu Kenny, we have a battle to the death. That's all I can say about that." Travis Scott didn't make it out of "Love Galore" alive, and Nabil did that one, too...

Things took a deeper turn when interviewer Meredith Graves asked the artist what her goals for 2018 were shaping up to look like. Introspective and thoughtful as always, SZA revealed that her main goal for 2018 involves her own personal growth. "I literally want to just kick my anxiety to the curb. I want to start this next album and finish it without feeling like, ‘Do I need four years to wonder if it should ever see the light of day?' That’s like my number one goal, really just completing, and living in that courage to take that risk and not drag it out."

SZA explained that, at the moment, she does feel like she has a little more courage than usual, and rightly so."I’m going to just ride this current wave of courage, and just drag it into 2018, and extend it as long as I can."

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