Killer Mike Tries to Set the Record Straight by Releasing Full NRA Interview

Killer Mike shares the 45-minute interview on African American gun ownership with NRA member Colion Noir.

killer mike

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killer mike

Killer Mike has defended and apologized for some of the comments he voiced during a controversial interview with Colion Noir for NRA TV earlier this month. Now it looks like he's hoping to further clarify his true stance by tweeting out the full, 45-minute interview on his personal Twitter.

Bad news travels faster than Facts But truth still worth a watch. Full Conversation about African American Gun ownership in the US in these times.

— Killer Mike (@KillerMike) March 28, 2018

Initially, Killer Mike had received some major backlash for one comment in particular in which he came off as being dismissive of the recent March For Our Lives movement. He said at one point, "I told my kids on the school walkout, 'I love you, [but] if you walk out that school, walk out my house.'"

This comment had a lot of people understandably fired up, and at first the 47-year-old Run The Jewels MC defended his position, but soon had a change of heart and decided to issue an apology to the kids and organizers of the march for how the NRA had chosen to promote his interview in order to undermine their movement.

Now that things have cooled off, Killer Mike is taking the opportunity to re-share the full-length interview. In the interview, he voiced some of his unpopular opinions on gun rights, and had a candid conversation with Noir about how fundamental disagreements shouldn't prevent necessary progress on gun reform. He also spoke openly about his support of African Americans owning firearms, and shared that he is unashamed to be a Second Amendment supporter.

He sent out the full video on Twitter with the caption, "Bad news travels faster than facts but truth still worth a watch."

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