Tyrese Shoves a Fan Who Jumped on Stage

The fan was trying to get a hug.

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Poor Tyrese. The dude just cannot seem to catch a break recently. The latest incident in his timeline of mishaps over the past few months occurred during an on-stage performance at the Valentine's Love Jam in Detroit. 

In a video posted by TMZ, a fan can be seen approaching Tyrese on stage as he is concluding his set. "I love y'all," he says before beginning his exit. During his walk off, he briefly wipes his face with a rag. As he's doing that, one of his fans climbs up onto the stage. When he pops his head back up, the fan can be seen motioning in for an innocent hug. Instead of hugging getting to hug the musician, the fan was on the receiving end of an immediate stiff arm.

Tyrese was noticeably startled by the whole thing, and seemed to be apologetic once he processed what had happened. It's definitely not a good look, but you can't really blame him for his immediate reaction of self defense. There's a reason fans aren't allowed to just hop up on stage whenever they feel like it at live shows. 

As previously mentioned, this is just the latest event in the "WTF is Tyrese doing?" saga. This past November, the actor/singer posted a series of staged clips on comedian Michael Blackson's Instagram account that depicted him casually eating ramen while Blackson was tied up behind him. Despite how mildly comical it all was, it was flat out weird. There is also Tyrese's feud with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in which he blamed Johnson for his money and family issues because he took a leading role for an upcoming Fast and Furious spinoff film. And who could forget his infamous meltdown video?

Just as it looked like he was getting back to normal, here's yet another fiasco he will have to handle for the next few days. Hopefully, his official turnaround is coming sooner than later.

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