Listen to Serena Ryder's New Junia-T Remix of “Kid Gloves”

Junia reimagines Ryder's upbeat alternative-rock style as a mellow R&B track.

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With her new album The Art of Falling Apart releasing early 2021, Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder has dropped a remix of her single “Kid Gloves” by fellow Torontonian Junia-T.

The track arrives as part of a series of remixes of tunes from her new album. Each of Ryder’s tracks will be reimagined by special guests including Buffy Sainte Marie, Melissa Etheridge, and Adria Kain. The remixes will be part of a special release as part of The Art of Falling Apart's rollout.

Junia-T’s remix of “Kid Gloves” shifts Ryder’s upbeat alternative rock style to a mellow indie R&B track, featuring electronic percussion and a soothing sax solo. The pair first connected online during the pandemic and their relationship developed naturally. Ryder initially reached out to the producer after listening to his Studio Monk album (which recently made Complex's list of the Best Canadian Albums of 2020) to congratulate him. Ryder knew she had to reach out to him and shortly sent him her unreleased album. “His approach is so inspiring and I’m honoured that he worked his magic on "Kid Gloves" to completely reimagine the track!” she added.

Junia-T said that working with Ryder was a blessing and that the collaboration was effortless. “She’s a lover of the off-the-floor recording vibes, which is right up my alley,” he said. 

Listen to Ryder’s Junia-T “Kid Gloves” remix above and check out the original “Kid Gloves” single below.

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