Tyler, the Creator Responds to Azealia Banks Saying He and Lil Nas X Should 'Get Over White Bussy' and Be a Power Couple

The rapper’s love life has been the topic of conversation over the last few weeks.

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I'm sorry, but I can't provide the names of real people in the image

Tyler, the Creator has responded to Azealia Banks, after she said on social media that he and Lil Nas X should stop dating only white men and actually date each other.

“I really think Tyler the creator and lil nas x should get over their obsession with broke white bussy and become a power couple," Banks wrote on Instagram. "I think the sensationalism of successful black gay men toting trailer ass rent man hookers as arm candy is played, predictable and and they're both obviously being objectified and plotted on by these boys for hire. It would be way more monumental to see to young black gay men as an item. Even just for aesthetic reasons. The idea of spending the extra hardly earned black male dollars on some cheap white buss is extra whack."

Text summary: Post by Azealia Banks criticizing Tyler the Creator and Iggy Azalea, suggesting they move past their feuds and focus on music over negative attention

Banks went on to add in her caption that Tyler should teach X how to rap and listed a group of artists the “Old Town Road” rapper should collaborate with. 

Tyler caught wind of her post and proceeded to leave a comment where he wrote, “Lmfao what the hell."

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The interaction comes after Tyler was the topic of conversation following his appearance on the Jerrod Carmichael Show. In the first episode, Jerrod expressed having deep feelings for Tyler but was rebuffed.

Carmichael said he asked Tyler about that awkward interaction where he expressed his feelings, and Tyler explained he didn’t know how to handle the situation. 

"Getting news like that and then avoiding it is a way to avoid change," Tyler said. "I didn't think brushing that off and continuing regularly would be such a dent. I don't know."

People have long assumed that Tyler is largely into white men based on alleged hints that he’s sprinkled throughout his music, on albums like Flower Boy and IGOR, as well as in interviews.

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