Havoc Clarifies Origin of Mobb Deep's “Shook Ones, Pt II” Stove Sample: ‘The Myth Sounds Better Than the Real Story’

The Queensbridge native had been running with the idea that the sample was an actual stove for years.

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Havoc, one-half of the legendary group Mobb Deep, has finally cleared up the confusion over the stove "sample" he and the late Prodigy used on their classic hip-hop anthem "Shook Ones Part II" from 1994'sThe Infamous...

During a joint interview with Tony Yayo and fellow producer Buckwild on the SiriusXM radio show WkndWork, the surviving member of the Mobb finally debunked the myth behind the iconic stove sound listeners hear at the beginning of the track. According to Havoc, the clicking sound came from something other than an actual burner, despite many people thinking otherwise over the years. 

"You know when a myth take a life of its own?" Havoc said. "You just be like, fuck it, you don't wanna hurt nobody's feelings so you just agree with the myth. I be like, 'Alright, fuck it. Yeah, it's from the stove.'"

He continued: "The myth sounds better than the real story. I just be like, 'Fuck it, it came from the stove.'"

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The legend previously spoke about the stove sample during an interview with REVOLT in 2020. During that conversation, Havoc said the sample actually came from him using a hi-hat that sounded similar to a project stove. 

"The truth of the matter is that the hi-hat that I used on the actual track of 'Shook Ones' sounds similar to a project stove," he told REVOLT. "So, people made a correlation thinking I used the stove for the actual track because in the video, it's the first thing that comes on along with the record. And they hear the hear the stove. 

"So, people said, 'Oh shit, he used that for it!' Nah, it's two different sounds, but they sound the same. It's just a coincidence, but I let people sometimes think what they wanna think and let the track take on its own mystique." 

"Shook Ones Part II" is the sequel to the original "Shook Ones" that was released in 1994 as the promotional single for the legendary group on Steve Rifkind's Loud Records. The sequel surpassed the original, peaking at No. 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and was one of Havoc and Prodigy's most memorable records. 

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