Snoop Dogg Shades Kim Kardashian in IG Post Comparing Kanye to Jay Z

Snoop's been on a social media tear against Yeezy.

Snoop Dogg just expressed his thoughts on Kanye West’s headline-generating Twitterstorm of the past few days, with a concise and seemingly shade-heavy Instagram post that compares Kanye’s personal growth to Jay-Z’s, by pondering just how important it can be to have the right woman by your side. 

In case you’ve somehow managed to elude Kanye’s tweets, let's just say they've been an unexpected amalgam involving a strong amount of praise for Donald Trump and props to conservative commentator Candace Owens—with a rather rational plea for independent thought thrown in to smooth things out.

Fortunately, Snoop Dogg is an independent thinker himself. He took to IG to make his thoughts on the situation known:

Snoop thanked his wife of 21 years this June, Shante Broadus, "for being my rock and keeping me straight."

To put this in perspective, Kim Kardashian is the most successful and popular reality TV personality in the world. She has built an empire on correct timing, rollouts, calculated events, and public appearances. There is no doubt Kanye has learned quite a bit from his wife, and these tweets certainly have jump-started an über-rollout for the upcoming series of G.O.O.D. Music albums—including Kanye and Kanye x Kid Cudi—plus the Ye-produced Nas LP. On the other hand, Kanye might just be doing Kanye, and Uncle Snoop thinks he might’ve evolved in another direction with a different partner.

As for 50 and his familiar trolling of anyone in the spotlight, he posted a photo depicting Kanye hugging Trump—wearing a dress—from behind, with Snoop and Jamie Foxx commenting.

“Them bitch ass niggaz deserve each other,” Snoop reportedly wrote. “Get Out the movie is really starring Kanye West as Uncle Tom and potus as massa,” referring to Jordan Peele’s treatise on racist stereotypes. Jamie Foxx kept it simple, with only a “Daaaayuuum” and three crying laughter emojis following behind.

Snoop, of course, had a series of memes criticizing Kanye’s praise for Trump, and suggesting Kanye might as well be one of the brainwashed people from Get Out. “Yo, is it me, or is that nigga Kanye West one of the niggas from Get Out?” Snoop said. “They fuckin’ you up, cuz, you need to get out of that house.”

Surely, we’ll be hearing from Kim Kardashian soon, as she has already expressed her independent thoughts on how her husband has been perceived by the media and his peers in a series of tweets.

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