Justin Bieber Reportedly Sued by Guy He Fought in Cleveland Two Years Ago

Justin Bieber's getting sued for his involvement in a scuffle outside a Cleveland hotel after Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

The Bieber Brawl of 2016 just garnered a new lawsuit to its history, with a man involved in the chaotic scuffle suing Justin Bieber for his involvement. 

At the time, the man claimed it was a simple autograph request that sparked the fight and resulted in his physical injuries. The incident took place outside of a downtown Cleveland hotel after Game 3 of the NBA Finals. A few months later, the police named Bieber as an assault suspect and initiated an investigation. 

Well, according to TMZ, this two-year-old ordeal is still very much alive, with Tobias Cannon filing a lawsuit holding the singer accountable for his physical injuries. While Cannon reportedly tried to squash it with a settlement, Bieber wasn’t having it. That decision to withhold payment was apparently what led to the initial police report, and this subsequent lawsuit dropping on Bieber’s lap.

In case you missed this story entirely, it wasn’t just Biebs who swung on the dude—the entire entourage got involved, with Cannon throwing a punch to Bieber’s head, a right hook at Cannon in response, and all-out chaos ensuing—which reportedly left Cannon in the hospital with a concussion. While it’s unclear what exactly led to such a heated altercation, what is very black and white is the ink and the paper used to add another lawsuit to Bieber’s name.

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