Do you remember that fight Justin Bieber got into this past June following Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland? No? Yes? Well, whatever the hell your answer was, it doesn't really matter, because law enforcement remembers it and, because of that, Bieber is now a suspect in an assault investigation.

According to TMZthe alleged victim told cops that the fight went down because Bieber grabbed the victim's sunglasses. He then snapped a picture of Justin, which angered the popstar enough to take a swing (which you can see in the above clip). Though it's not visible in the video, the guy on the business end of Bieber's blows also says that Bieber's entourage jumped into the brawl after it ignited.


After the entire ordeal, the alleged victim went to the hospital where he was treated for injuries, including a concussion. Asked why it has taken eight months to file a police report, he claims that it's because he tried to settle with the singer, but Bieber was unwilling to do so.

You may recall that just a week after the incident, a man named Lamont Richmond had a rep reach out to Bieber's team in an effort to arrange a meeting where both parties would admit fault. Details on the request were light at the time, but Richmond's rep did say that if a meeting couldn't be arranged, then a lawsuit could be coming instead. While TMZ didn't name to the man who got the police to fill out their report this week, this could be him following through on that threat.

Back in June, Richmond stated the incident began over an autograph request. He also said that he received a number of death threats from bonkers fans of Bieber's, and that the ordeal also caused him to be fired from his job. Despite those claims, he later backtracked from his statement that he was the guy in the video.

The police have stated that the investigation is currently ongoing and as of yet, no official charges have been filed.