Drake Asks Son Adonis in Hilarious Video to Explain How He Got So Good at Basketball

Drake's son Adonis has taken a liking to basketball just like his dad, but Adonis wouldn't give Drizzy his flowers when asked where he learned his skills.

Drake’s son Adonis has taken a liking to basketball just like his dad, but when asked to share where he learned how to play the game so well, Adonis refused to give Drizzy his flowers.

“Yo, where you learn to shoot like that?” Drake asked his son, who sat decked out in a Kyle Lowry Raptors jersey. 

“I don’t know,” Adonis replied in the clip above. Drake pressed him further, noting he had made four out of five shots, and again asked where he learned how to land buckets like that. 

“I shoot at school!” the 4-year-old said with a shrug before pointing at Drizzy’s phone. “Also, send that to our girl!”

The hilarious exchange comes as Drake has been seen spending more time on the court with Adonis. Last week, the 6 God took to Instagram to share a quick clip of his son shooting hoops at the OVO gym, and he was seen on camera mimicking the iconic chest pat of LeBron James. He also tugged on his jersey in a similar fashion to the Los Angeles Lakers player.

“Where is he getting the mannerisms from @kingjames 😂,” Drake captioned the post. 

LeBron reposted the video a few hours later on his Instagram Stories and added in all caps, “My nephew really love the game!!”

Drake’s passion for basketball runs deep. He is currently the Raptors’ global ambassador and in 2019 celebrated his SBL Rec. Basketball League Championship by commissioning 20-carat diamond rings for him and his teammates valued at around $50,000 a pop.

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