Vancouver Wolf Handlers Who Worked On Drake's "Another Late Night": "A Very Down To Earth Dude"

Drake released his latest album 'For All The Dogs' last Friday.

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Animal training organization Action Animals received a last-minute request for a "high-profile rapper" to send wolves to be part of a music video.

According to City News Vancouver, Darthenan Therrien, Action Animals' head trainer, said he had just 6 hours to prepare for the request.

The video was shot days after Drake's show in Vancouver on Aug. 30. Therrien said he didn't know the video was for Drake until he and the animals had arrived on set.

The shoot wound up being for the video of the penultimate track off of For All The Dogs, "Another Late Night" with Lil Yachty, directed by Cole Bennett. In an interview, Bennett said the video was directed in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

“We drive in and there’s a McLaren with Christmas lights all over it, so we figured it had to be somebody, like Drake or Travis Scott,” Therrien said.

“We came with the most experienced wolves we had,” he added. “We get there and realize it’s Drake’s video and think ‘Oh no, I wish we had more time to prepare,’ but everything worked out really well.”

Given the last-minute nature of the shoot, Brendan Sandu, a handler for Action Animals, said that the lack of preparation made the experience more difficult.

“We pretty much made a triangle for Drake to stand in front of them, at a safe distance where they couldn’t reach him, and he was pretty happy with that,” Sandu said.

Therrien concluded by saying the work had helped the organization considering the writers and actors strike has led to a loss of work over the past few months.

“It’s been hard, but we just take the time to spend more time with our animals and be prepared for when we get back to work,” he said.

Drake's latest album For All The Dogs came out last Friday and featured what many saw as a diss towards Dillon Brooks.

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