People Are Debating Whether The Young Drake At His Concert Was Real Or A Hologram

The younger version of Drake handed him a book ahead of the first song

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With Drake's It's All A Blur tour officially underway, the rapper put several surprises on display during the inaugural concert in Chicago.

During a performance of "Look What You've Done," a "hologram" resembling a younger version of Drake hands him a book that he seems to be reading off of while he raps the verses.

So far, reactions to the supposed "hologram" online have been split with some calling him creative and others calling for his retirement.

Some don't even believe that the "younger Drake" is actually a hologram.

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Given that said lookalike handed Drake a book, it's hard to imagine that a hologram could do that.

Some people admired the song choice for the lookalike, as "Look What You've Done" is one of the most introspective tracks Drake has released.

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Many others are hoping other artists take a page out of Drake's book and find similar options for them.

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Following the inaugural show in Chicago, the setlist for the It's All A Blur Tour is now known, and it's massive.

Drake's Canadian dates on the tour are: Montreal on July 14-15, Vancouver on Aug 28-29, and closing out in his hometown of Toronto on Oct 5 and 7.

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