Clairmont The Second Drops 'Full Circle' Short Film Inspired by His EP

After dropping his Full Circle EP in Aug. 2022, Toronto rapper Clairmont The Second released an accompanying short film with an overarching narrative.

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After dropping his Full Circle EP in Aug. 2022, Toronto rapper Clairmont The Second released an accompanying short film with an overarching narrative weaving the tracks’ themes together.

“Filmed my first short film last winter starring some of the homies,” Clairmont wrote in the description of the film on Youtube. “Something I wrote for me. Shit was going on. This took a lot out of us. We appreciate ur patience. Thanks to everyone who helped get this done. Love u guys.”

The film has a retro feel to it with its grainy visuals, muffled audio, older guns and general technology.

Full Circles touches on several personal topics such as depression, the fear of feeling old while still young, and being disconnected from the world.

“There’s this disconnect. I don’t think we belong here,” Clairmont’s character said shortly after performing “Doin’ Right”. “I’ve been thinking about leaving. To be honest man, I don’t think I have much left in me.”

Without giving too much away, Clairmont’s short film also veers into weirder, sci-fi themes as it progresses. 

The EP clocks in at 13 minutes, while the short film is just over 25 minutes-long, adding much more context and insight to Clairmont’s project.

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