Drake Puts the Rap Game on Notice With New "6" Billboard in Toronto

What does this mean?

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For the past two nights, Drake has released some new music—"Days in the East," produced by PARTYNEXTDOOR and OVO40, and "Draft Day Freestyle," produced by Boi1da and The Fans. Sure, rappers release music all the time, who cares—but back to back nights and owl hours for Drake? Something is definitely in the works.

Last night, "Days in the East" was released with very simple single art—a red number 6—which we assume is short for 416, the Toronto area code. Today, according to a tweet from Word on Road, an OVO affiliated billboard has been put up in Toronto with similiar "6" artwork. Is this a sign that it's more than just the cover for "Days in the East?" Could it be an EP? And is it in the same place as the "Started From The Bottom" one?

Only time will tell—and by time, we mean owl hours in the next few days.

UPDATE 4/3/14 6:45PM: Another billboard sighting, this one featuring a unique spelling of Toronto as "T6R6NT6," which once again references the number 6. There's also a reference to 416 and 647, which are both area codes for Toronto.

UPDATE 4/3/14 7:09PM: False alarm, turns out these billboards are fake

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