For the first Saturday Night Live of 2014, Drake served as both the host and musical guest. In the show's cold open, he took on the role of Alex Rodriguez as he appeared on Piers Morgan and blamed everything from his cell phone to the dictionary for his steroid usage. He went on to reenact his Bar Mitzvah in the opening monologue. "I dated Rihannukuh" he boasted.

The show's next sketch poked fun at Drake's origin as a child star on a show for tweens featuring "flashbacks" to other rappers' on fake Disney, Nickelodeon and other family shows. with Drake playing Did you know Lil' Wayne was on Family Matters?

Drake did a spot-on impression of Katt Williams advocating for Colorado's legalization of marijuana to a very upset Nancy Grace.

He then collaborated with Jay Pharoah and newly-hired Sasheer Zamata in a spoof about New Year's Resolutions.

Drake played a "cool dad" in a sketch about a slumber party. It, of course, got weird.

For the first performance of the night, Drake did a medley of "Started From The Bottom" and his latest song, "Trophies."

For his next appearance, Drake took on the role of a Disney World employee who tried to coax a foreigner through an Indiana Jones adventure. This was followed by a detention skit, where Drake played the role of a tough guy who seduces older (no, old) women.

Drake's started his next performance with the chorus for "Hold On, We're Coming Home." But instead of continuing with his single, he performed "From Time," with guest Jhené Aiko.

Drake's final sketch had him taking on the role of an anchor of Mornin' Miami as they shot promos for the week.

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