Watch The Weeknd and Drake Perform "Crew Love" Together for First Time in 3 Years

The Weeknd and Drake got together for a special performance of "Crew Love" in Toronto.

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The Weeknd's Legends of the Fall Tour is finally nearing its end, and the Toronto native is reaching deep into his bag of tricks on the tour's final few stops. With the tour in Toronto over the weekend, he decided it was time to bring out his old friend Drake to help him shut down Air Canada Center.

The old friends even busted out an old favorite during the concert, performing "Crew Love" together for the first time in a long time. You can watch Drake's entrance above, and the insane crowd reaction should tell you everything you need to know about the moment.

During the Take Care era, it seemed like every time the two linked up on stage they'd perform their collaboration from the album. A quick search through YouTube archives turns up performances of the song together in 2012, 2013, and 2014, but it has gone missing from their performances since. All we've had are a few close calls, including a London concert this March where The Weeknd performed it shortly before Drake made a surprise appearance.

Following the latest performance of the hit record, the duo embraced on stage, as fans celebrated "Crew Love" finally returning to their concert arsenal:

Drake & The Weeknd performing "Crew Love" in Toronto 🔥 #OVOXO

Drake hung around for a few more songs after they finished their "Crew Love" performance together, and you can watch snippets of those below. The energy from the performance begs one question—can we please get some more collaborations between these two? We have waited long enough, and with both stars at the top of the game, there's no reason they can't carve out some time to make it happen.

So Drake showed up the Weeknd concert last night and I think it'll forever remain the best moment of my life
Drake at the Weeknd concert last night 😱😱😱 #starboytour #OVOXO #toronto

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