DJ Khaled Confirms Nicki Minaj Is on 'Grateful'

DJ Khaled took to Instagram to reveal Nicki Minaj would be appearing on his new album, 'Grateful.'

DJ Khaled has been steadily dropping hints on who's set to appear on his next project, Grateful, and the latest confirmed feature is one of hip-hop's leading ladies. Longtime Khaled collaborator Nicki Minaj is all set to appear on the new album, as you can see from Khaled's Instagram post up top.

The duo have a history together; Minaj was part of the song "Do You Mind" off Khaled's last album, Major Key, and Khaled enlisted Minaj's help alongside Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne on the gold-certified single "Take It To The Head" from 2012's Kiss The Ring. And of course, it's hard to forget his infamous proposal to Minaj in 2013—though they both later suggested it was a joke.

As with any new album from KhaledGrateful is expected to be jam packed with features, and we already have one confirmed track from the album, "Shining", which features music's biggest couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé. The rest of the guest list is not totally confirmed, but Khaled has shown off in the studio with heavyweights from around the industry, from Alicia Keys to Drake to Big Sean.

Khaled seems like he's having the time of his life putting together the album. In addition to naming his infant son Asahd Khaled the executive producer of Grateful, Khaled has been tagging all of his posts about the new project with tongue-in-cheek "TOP SECRET" labels, despite announcing the potential features to his enormous following on social media.

Hinting at Rihanna's inclusion on the new albumKhaled even yelled over FaceTime about whether her vocals came in yet, which appears to be a recurring theme in the build-up for Grateful:

If you take him on his word, Khaled is also planning something major on the video front, and he has already teased some shots from the set of a "top secret" video that could feature the likes of Migos, Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne. 

While the human quote machine still has to deliver on all these promises, DJ Khaled has done a great job drumming up the hype machine for the new project. The supporting cast on Grateful should have rap fans excited about what's to come.

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