YBN Almighty Jay on the Wu-Tang Clan: 'No Disrespect, I Don't Know Who That Is'

In an interview with Peter Rosenberg on 'Open Late,' YBN Almighty Jay said he couldn't name a Wu-Tang Clan member.

On this week's episode of Open Late With Peter Rosenberg, host Rosenberg sat down with YBN Gang members Nahmir, Cordae, and Almighty Jay. We got to see the trio kidding around with each other, as well as learn more about them as individuals and witness their personalities on full display. The one who might have shined the most was Jay, who admitted to Rosenberg that he couldn't name one member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

The admission started during a conversation about other artists they might study. Nahmir said he hates being put on the spot with these kinds of questions, but Jay kept it honest: "I ain't gonna lie; I never went that far back. I listen to generational music," he said. "If it's in right now, that's what I listen to. It might be weird and stuff, people be like, 'You don't know the history of rap and you're a rapper,' but like I don't go back that far to listen to music." Rosenberg asked Jay who the oldest artist he goes back to is, and Jay said Lil Wayne. 

Just in case you didn't believe Jay, peep his response to Rosenberg's question on whether they were Wu-Tang heads. Jay immediately shook his head, and said he "ain't go back that far," following that up with, "No disrespect, I don't know who that is."

When asked to clarify, Jay said, "I don't even known Wu-Tang. I don't know none of they songs. I don't even know what they look like." Rosenberg then put Jay on the spot, asking if he could name one member of Wu-Tang. Jay bluntly replied "no," then asked, "Wu?"

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