Mase Says Beef With Cam'ron Is 'Gon' End Bad' for Cam

Mase breaks down his issues with Cam'ron.

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After pump-faking the end of a battle that Mase says he "unanimously" won, Cam'ron visitedThe Breakfast Club to share his side of his beef with Mase while throwing darts. In response, Mase decided to catch up with Angie Martinez to speak on the conflict from his perspective.

After initially saying the situation is "going to turn terribly bad, and it's not going to turn terribly bad for me," Mase further explained what the spirit of the song was (at the 5:24 mark): “The spirit of the song is I'm a grown man," he began. "Whatever happened when we were 19, grow up. Anybody should understand that. Whatever we went through at 19, 20, or even 21, grow up."

Mase went on to explain how he turned his cheek after numerous instances of Cam going at him, either on wax or via radio interviews, and when Angie finally asked how this situation ends, Mase declares, "I told you how it ends. If it doesn't stop it’s gon' end bad for him."

Mase sounds like he's done with everything ("Really I ain't have nothing else to say. I said what I needed to say. He went on the radio and said what he needed to say. I go on the radio and say what I have to say. It could stop there or it don’t have to"), then says that he doesn't care about if this ends or not, calling Cam his "enemy" for 20 years.

Echoing what Angie says, it's not cool to think this will get that deep between Mase and Cam on some violent shit. It's intriguing to hear Mase specifically say that he wasn't going to hit the radio to talk religious things, "Because this isn't a religious matter." You can only push a person so far before they take off the collar and stand for their own, you know?

The interview, which clocks in at an hour and 36 minutes, touches on everything from how he was the reason Bad Boy became what it was to the time Dame Dash said he and Cam "should just beef" and that "it will stay on wax," to which Mase said he "looked at him like he lost his mind." Learn about that and so much more via the video up above.

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