Amid a particularly eventful month, Cam'ron dropped in on the Breakfast Club Thursday for exactly the sort of conversation we should have expected: a fascinating one. Cam'ron addressed the recent exchange of words with Mase, the dangers of Instagram deception tactics, and more.

Asked about those Mase lines on "It's Killa" around the 1:50 mark in the video up top, Cam'ron said he's actually "never dissed" Mase in his life. "I don't mess with Mase no more, because me personally, I just go by a different standard than people," he said. Cam added that he wasn't fond of Mase "playing with god and taking people's money and [saying] rap is the devil," only to "back to rap 'cause you ain't got no money." (Earlier this year Cam told his Instagram Live viewers Mase started preaching in order to escape criticism and sticky rap situations.)

Cam repeatedly insisted during the interview that he's never dissed Mase, but has instead simply told the truth. "I never dissed Mase," he said around the 3:35 mark. "I'm telling you stories about real life situations. I never made up [anything]. . . oh, um, fucked my sister, the imaginary sister that I don't have or whatever." As for the allegations Mase dropped in "The Oracle," Cam clarified that Dame "never" told him to initiate a beef with Mase and claimed to have no clue as to what footage Mase has been teasing.

Moving forward, Cam explained that he simply doesn't have the time to put too much energy into the beef. "Me, I don't really have time to do nothing with Mase," Cam said around the 8:40 mark, noting that this is "strictly business" for him.

Earlier this week, Mase let everyone know that he feels he won the battle with Cam "unanimously."