Well, that was fast. On a Black Friday that featured Fabolous and Jadakiss (finally) releasing their Freddy vs. Jason album, Mase bringing back the "Murda" via a scathing diss aimed square at Cam'ron made the retail holiday feel like '98. Mase surely felt some type of way, as he even took the time to break down the lyrics in the diss. Not even a day later, Killa Cam was cooking up a clapback at Mase, which he released Saturday evening. By Sunday afternoon, it appears that the two have peaced everything up.

Early Sunday, Cam'rom shared a conversation he and Mase had on social media. In it, Mase says "YOU STILL MY BROTHER IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE," saying the back-and-forth was just for "bragging rights." Cam responded, called the beef "fun," calling Mase his bro. He even joked, saying he's "glad" that he gets to brag.


Mase followed this up with his own post on Instagram, using an image of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to speak his piece.

"Sometimes You Can Be Better Than Your Critics," Mase wrote before saying, "Keep All Secret Love... If it’s real post it or don’t tell me about it at all."

Welp, it looks like that was fun while it lasted. Heads are still debating who got who, and at this point, it would appear that it's just a draw between two homies.