French Montana on That Time Akon Gave Him a Fake Watch

Hopefully Akon doesn't get "Locked Up." No? I'll stop.

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Where is Akon? Probably sitting on a pile of money somewhere. I think the last thing I was excited about from Akon was his song with Migos, but there's no word on where this Stadium album is. What we DO know is that French Montana visited Hot 97 to sit down with Funkmaster Flex, and at some point a story about Akon gifting French a fake watch came up.

Flex initially asked French about signing with Akon (around the 13:15 mark), which French calls a "six-month thing." For some reason, Flex immediately says, "We can't tell the watch story, don't tell it now," which almost guarantees that French has to tell the watch story. French starts cracking up and initially says "o, stop!," but then he just blurts out, "Shouts to Akon, he gave me a fake watch for my birthday, I'm heated," cracking up again.

French and Flex make sure people know that Akon is their "brother," but then French goes into the moment Akon told him, "Close your eyes, I got a present for you," then put a fake watch on French's arm. French didn't know it was fake at the time, but when he took it to his jeweler to get it cleaned, the jeweler didn't believe that Akon gave him the watch, probably because it was fugazi.

French said that when he told Akon about the situation, Akon said, "Oh my God, he might have sold it to me fake!" French also explained it's been 10 years since the incident, and it sounds like Akon hasn't replaced the gift.

French and Flex also get into the time French spent being poor, his iconic Cocaine City DVD series, and more. Watch the full interview up above.

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