The NFL Is Reportedly Asking Performers To Pay To Perform At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Pay to play takes on a new meaning.

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If next year's Super Bowl half time show candidates RihannaKaty Perry and Coldplay want to perform, they'll have to pay up. Mashable is reporting that the NFL has asked the performers for a financial donation to perform at their biggest game of the season.

Normally, artists have played the show for free (barring any travel expenses), but this year the league is asking for their money upfront. A source close to the situation at The Wall Street Journal states that the NFL has apparently asked one of the performers if "[they would] consider contributing post-show tour revenue, or make another type of financial contribution." This did not go over well, according to the source.

Along with a bump in sales, performing at the Super Bowl gives acts a greater range of visibility as viewers from all over the world tune in for the game. According to the WSJ, last year's performance which featured Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers drew more people than the actual game itself with a whopping 115.3 million viewers. The NFL more than likely sees this growth and wants a piece of the pie. Only time will tell if any of the acts accept, but with the NFL season fast approaching, we should know more soon.

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