Welp, it's all over folks. Last night in Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seahawks crushed the Broncos 43-8, leading 36-0 at one point. On an unseasonably mild night at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, it was truly a miserable game for all to not enjoy—even Seahawks fans must've been bored senseless by the third quarter. While there wasn't much in the game, there were plenty of reactions around the league to cover.

What effect will this epic L on the biggest stage have on Peyton Manning's psyche? How does Tim Tebow feel about this? Was Bruno Mars' halftime show better than Beyonce's? We've got GIF answers for all of those questions and more. From the Manning family's struggle faces and turnovers to Michael Crabtree's ecstatic reaction to Richard Sherman's injury, here's How 15 Celebs and Athletes Responded to Super Bowl XLVIII in GIFs.

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