Looks Like Drake Got a Praying Hands Emoji Tattoo

Tat an emoji on yourself so we know it's real.

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Whether people think it's a high five or hands clasped in prayer, Drake has just made a popular emoji timeless with his new tattoo. Earlier today, tattoo artist Doctor Woo posted a picture on his Instagram of what appears to be a new piece he did for Drake:

The tattoos appear to be located on Drake's arms and depict the praying hands/high five emoji next to the now iconic "6" logo, possibly representing his new moniker of "6 God." The tattoo on his right calf is a quote that says: "Everything Happens For A Reason Sweet Thing." With this brave new move by the popular rapper, could the age of the emoji tattoo be upon us? Hopefully someone hasn't called dibs on the "creepy eyes" emoji yet.

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