Troll Aubrey on the 'Gram and you just might hear a reply for it. This is a little old by Internet standards, but it just came to our attention via our buddy Desus' Tumblr and it's too funny not to share with anyone who may have also missed it. About three months ago, frequent Instagrammer Drake uploaded a photo of himself at what appears to be a party, popping a rap squat in an all denim alphet off-set with a white hoodie, kicks, and snapback. (Caption: "Wayyyy Up").

As usual, the post garnered thousands of comments, but one caught Drizzy's eye: "Wow his style sucks but his music is great so it doesn't even matter," @moonlitgurl tapped out. That's like a light 5.0 on the Richter Scale of Hate, no?

Welp, it registered enough for Drake to troll back with this epic reply: "Yea damn my style sucks you're right...I should start wearing men's Giuseppe shoes with the gold buckles so I can be more swag in 2014. I apologize to all my fans for not wearing more Giuseppe."

Don't sweat it Drake, your style's gotten much better! Meanwhile @moonlitgurl's account has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Future trollers of Champagne Papi, beware. Peep the exchange below. Was Drake's look 0 or 100?

[via Tumblr]