Fourth XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty (UPDATE)

20-year-old Trayvon Newsome, who turned himself in to police just two days prior, has entered a not guilty plea in the murder of Florida rapper XXXTentacion. Newsome is accused of being one of two armed men within the four suspects involved in the rapper's fatal shooting.

The fourth suspect in the XXXTentacion murder case, 20-year-old Trayvon Newsome, has pleaded not guilty, documents obtained by Complex show. He has also filed a demand for discovery. Police believe he was one of the two armed men out of four suspects who participated in the attempted robbery of the Florida rapper back in June. 

#BREAKING: Fourth suspect in the murder of rapper XXXTentacion is behind bars. Trayvon Newsome surrendered with his lawyer this afternoon, per @browardsheriff

Newsome turned himself in to police on Tuesday after being at-large for several weeks, becoming the fourth and final suspect to be arrested in connection with the murder. He was charged with two charges of murder in the first degree and robbery with a deadly weapon. George E. Reres, his laywer, told Complex that while he cannot comment on any specifics, Newsome comes "from a caring and supportive family and has had extremely minimal contacts with the criminal justice system in the past."

"Official discovery has not yet been provided to me so I am uncertain of any specific evidence that backs up law enforcement's theory about the tragic death of XXXTentacion and what role they think Mr. Newsome may have played," Reres continued. "I urge there be no rush to judgment and caution that people arrested on solid evidence and facing first degree murder charges often try to blame others for the things they did themselves."

Reres also wanted to express his "deepest sympathy to the family and fans of XXXTentacion."

With Newsome’s guilty plea, all four of the suspects have affirmed their innocence. Robert Allen, 22, another indicted suspect, entered his own not guilty plea in early August. Dedrick D. Williams, 22, the first to be arrested back in June and has also already pled not guilty.

Michael Boatwright, 22, believed to be the second of the armed men and the one who fired the weapon that killed the “SAD!” rapper, has also pled not guilty, but will have to undergo a mental examination to determine whether he is fit to stand trial or not. While it’s unclear why the judge ordered this exam, it is to be conducted before the end of the month and on videotape. If he is found unfit to undergo trial, he could be involuntarily hospitalized and prescribed treatment. 

The Miami Herald reports that on June 18, XXXTentacion withdrew $50,000 in cash and placed it in a Louis Vuitton bag. As he was leaving a motorsports store, the four suspects stole the bag and eventually fatally shot him. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel called the incident a "tragic shooting,” vowing to “bring those who did it to justice."

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